Statistics Quiz with Solutions (5 Questions)

by Electra Radioti
statistics quiz

statistics quiz

Statistics Quiz with Solutions (5 Questions)

Statistics Quiz with Solutions (5 Questions)

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The parameter \( \text{df}_2 \) in the F-distribution is often referred to as the:

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A cell phone manufacturing company claims that the average battery life of its phone is 4 hours. Let us assume that the battery life is normally distributed with a standard deviation of 0.8 hours. What is the probability that the battery life for a randomly selected cell phone is below 3 hours?

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A sample is large enough for the distribution of sample proportion p to be approximately normal if the interval \([p - 3\sigma_p, p + 3\sigma_p]\) lies wholly within the interval _____.

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A survey conducted to determine the textbook expenses states that fulltime students spend an average of $250 for textbooks each semester. The standard deviation of the amounts fulltime students spend for textbooks per semester is known to be $50. The distribution of the amount spend on textbooks is found to be bell-shaped. What is the probability that a randomly selected student spends more than $300 for textbooks each semester?

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A manager wishes to estimate, to within 1 day, the mean time that employees take to complete an assigned project with 99.8% confidence. With the assumption that the standard deviation of completion times is 3 days, estimate the minimum sample size required.

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