“The Players”

by Electra Radioti

And then there are these women.. that love women. That deeply devotedly and whole-heartedly love and appreciate women. That get hurt with them every time you hurt them. And suffer along their side every time you make them suffer. And really feel the need to protect them.. avenge them even.

And then there are these women that will come and make you think they are vulnerable, in love with you, an innocent prey in your claws. And they will take your soul, they will take your evil and they will leave you hanging there helplessly and falling to your knees with your ego crushed, knowing that you have sinned upon the most sacred nature on earth. The Female.

Those women, I call “The Players”.

They will come and go and you won’t even notice that they left with a part of your soul. Until you look inside and realize.. your evil is missing.

Electra Radioti

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